Jon Hewitt

Dear CEO

The internet has forever changed the shopping and buying habits of consumers. Over the next 3 to 5 years, the widespread adaptation of internet enabled smart phones will etch this shift in stone. Many businesses are not adequately prepared to meet the tremendous challenges required to succeed online primarily due to the lack of experienced professional advice.

The tried and true expression of "evolve or die", has never been more appropriate. Via the internet, Apple® quickly revolutionized the distribution of digital media- and facilitated the demise of well established brick and mortar competitors and related. The lesson learned, if you sell a product (digital or physical) you better be prepared to take the battle online. Competent execution is a must because online consumers are determining the fate of your business at this very moment:

Regarding the integration of domain names engineered to give companies a competitive advantage, I learned early on that a large percentage of advice given to CEO's by internal sources was dangerously uninformed. Unfortunately, this trend continues today as CEO's defer critical business survival decisions to individuals simply not qualified.

I broker domain names that enable businesses to be the best that they can be online. My success though, is largely based upon my ability to inform prospective buyers as to why high quality domains names are essential to their business. Professional ebusiness developers know that it is strategically important to own the domains that define the category in which they compete:
  • Barnes & Noble- &
  • Bayer Healthcare- &
  • Captain Morgan Rum Co-
  • Discount Tire- &
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car-
  • Honda- &
  • Johnson & Johnson-
  • Office Depot Inc-
  • Procter & Gamble- (Tide) & (Crest)
  • Ralph Lauren- &
  • Unilever- (Skippy)
As evidenced, it makes sense that the companies cited would incorporate the related domain(s). It would be immensely short sighted to suggest that the domains are not of strategic importance related to brand augmentation. Or that they wouldn't represent a significant threat if possessed by a competitor (brand protection). 

In closing, it is not the cost of the domain that should be your first consideration, it is the amount of money that you (or your competition) can make with it.

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