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Domain Name 101

Whether a garage startup or an industry titan, integration of a category defining domain name can give your business instant credibility with customers and potentially limitless market shareRelated to industry gravitas, brand augmentation & protection, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), generic domains are the ultimate competitive advantage.

Businesses invest a significant amount of time and money related to brand building. However, it is a cold hard fact that by staggering margins, the bulk of online searches are generic phrase driven, not brand phrase driven. This is why generic domain names, also known as Exact Match Domains (EMD's) are highly sought after by internet savvy entities.

Example- Storage Container
  • Related to offline marketing, though this company's name and phone number were predominantly displayed on the product, it is the domain name used to augment the brand that is most easily recalled.
  • Related to online marketing, "Storage Container" is the exact search phrase used by the majority of potential customers.
  • By simple integration of the domain, the entity has a critical component in which to take the business nationwide if desired.
Summation- Congratulations to the marketing/ brand manager, you have positively affected your business on multiple levels. You are now perceived to be a thought leader in your space by consumers and industry peers alike.

Many of the most respected brands incorporate generic domain names. Brick and mortar:
  • Barnes & Noble- &
  • Discount Tire- &
  • Honda- &
  • Procter & Gamble- Laundry &
  • Ralph Lauren- & Rugby

E-tailer's raise the bar even higher. Take's subsidiary Quidsi, for example:

  • Diapers.comCar Seats, Strollers, Diapers & More
  • Luxury Beauty Products
  • Décor, Bed, Bath, Cookware & Home Goods
  • Health & Beauty products
  • Natural products for green living
  • Wag.comBest Supplies For Dogs, Cats, Beloved Pets
  • Best Toys, Games, Books, Video Games, Music
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