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For good reason, many companies look to Apple® for business strategies that may be applicable to their industry. When Apple® turned the traditional distribution channel of digital media on it's ear (via iTunes® and the iPod), the business world took notice. Long story short, not only did Apple® take ownership of distribution, they also took ownership of the end user (consumer).

Related to the featured domain section, there is a similar scenario playing out within pharmaceutical distribution. Parties involved refer to this evolving distribution channel as "Home Delivery Pharmacy" and/or "Pharmacy Home Delivery". Again, at stake is ownership of distribution and of the end user.

As cited below, internet savvy entities integrate similar quality domain names to augment as well as protect their existing brand(s) or to use for a startup. Their use lends to instant credibility with online consumers.
It would be immensely short sighted to suggest that the domains referenced are not of strategic importance related to brand augmentation. Or that they wouldn't represent a significant threat if possessed by a competitor (brand protection).

Examples of "Home Delivery Pharmacy" & "Pharmacy Home Delivery" used by competing brands within the category: are well suited to augment and protect an existing brand as well as for a startup seeking instant industry and consumer gravitas. Sold as separate properties, offers of 6 figures and greater are considered.  

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