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Domain Strategy

Each day, more and more consumers migrate online as their lives become more web-centric. The simple fact is that the internet has become an invaluable tool in the execution of our daily lives. Widespread adoption of internet and email enabled cell phones (Blackberry, iPhone and similar) continue to fuel this momentum to new levels. A 100% "wired" mobile population is fast becoming our future. Businesses of all sizes must accept and embrace this reality if they are to remain competitive. To this end, premium generic domain names continue to be the "ultimate difference maker".

Generic Domain Names aka Exact Match Domains
Generic domain names are domains consisting of search phrases. For example, consumers searching for Golf Clubs primarily use the search phrases "golf clubs". What makes a generic domain name a "premium generic domain name" is it's proximity to the root. Consequentially, there is a finite number of premium generic domains available. Premium digital real estate, as with physical real estate, is all about location.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine algorithms factor in a websites domain name as part of their function. A website using a generic domain in conjunction with competently engineered Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will, in most instances, rank very high in search results.

Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) pertains to online marketing efforts such as Pay Per Click (PPC). PPC ads displaying domain names matching and/or closely related to the search phrase are very effective in the minds of consumers.

Type-In Traffic
Type-In Traffic, also known as Direct Navigation, is the action in which consumers bypass search engines entirely and enter the search phrase directly into their web browser and add .com. for example. Consumers assume that a premium generic domain name will belong to an industry leader. It is estimated that up to 20% of internet traffic is type-in traffic within some categories.

Brand Awareness
Fact- Businesses invest a significant amount of time and money related to brand building. Fact- The bulk of internet searches are generic in nature. By staggering margins, online searches are generic phrase driven, not brand phrase driven as illustrated below.

Online Consumer Credibility
Internet savvy industry leaders use premium generic domain names to augment as well as protect their existing brand(s). Their use lends to instant credibility with online consumers.
  • Bank of America-
  • Barnes & Noble- &
  • Bayer Healthcare-
  • Captain Morgan Rum Co-
  • Cable News Network (CNN)-
  • Discount Tire- &
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car-
  • eBay-
  • Honda- &
  • Johnson & Johnson-
  • K-Swiss Inc-
  • Office Depot Inc-
  • PetSmart-
  • Primedia-
  • Procter & Gamble- (Tide) & (Crest)
  • Sylvan Learning-
  • Unilever- (Skippy)
It is important to note that entities routinely own domains that are held by nominees (masking ownership) until needed. Furthermore, it would be immensely short sighted to suggest that the domains exampled are not of strategic importance related to brand protection. Or that they wouldn't represent a significant threat if possessed by a competitor.

Professional e-Business Developers
Specifically addressing professional ebusiness developers, the domain is essential to creating a "category killer" in the same manner as:
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